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Community for women of colour

Seeking tech opportunities? Join us to demystify entry points and empower women of colour to confidently engage in the digital profession.

Women from any degree or work background interested in the Digital, Data, and Technology profession are invited.

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A programme designed for you


Let your mentor guide you through a digital profession you're interested in, such as the fascinating world of User Research!


Explore various entry routes into your desired role with the guidance of your mentor! They'll help you discover the best path for you.


Discover your strengths and align them with your desired profession with the help of your mentor! They'll guide you in identifying the skills and experience you already possess.


Your mentor is here to support your growth! They'll provide you with helpful resources and materials to expand your skills and knowledge for your desired profession.


Gain hands-on experience in your dream job! We encourage mentors and mentees to offer insight days, like 1-2 days of work experience. Let's make it happen!

Accelerate your career in Tech

All women of colour with an interest in the Digital, Data and Technology profession
You will meet and learn from senior leaders

Overall this will be an opportunity to explore different entry routes, have an in-depth understanding of different technical and non-technical roles, prepare for work experience, connect with potential employers and further your personal and professional development.

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We would love as many people to apply as possible. If you have any further questions about the programme or generally, please visit our contact page.

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